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Diabetes Expo June 9, 2010

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WHAT? Diabetes Expo at San Antonio, TX

The Diabetes Expo is a great way to learn about diabetes management and prevention. Living a healthy lifestyle is crucial to living a long, happy life—and diabetes management and prevention can help you acquire the healthy lifestyle your body needs.

The Expo includes the following:

–Health screenings

–Cooking demonstrations and healthy food tastings

–Product and service exhibitors

–Leading experts talking about diabetes management and prevention

-Family Zone

And much more!

There’s no better way to learn about eating right and exercising than through this year’s Diabetes Expo!

***Diabetes Expo is FREE and transportation is provided by VIA, FREE OF CHARGE ALL DAY. You can be picked up at any VIA location and will be dropped off at Market Street. Just mention to the bus driver that your destination is the Diabetes Expo!

WHY? Diabetes is a disease that is sweeping our nation in unprecedented records. According to the most recent data from the National Diabetes Fact Sheet, in the United States, 17.9 million people are diagnosed with diabetes, while 57 million people have pre-diabetes. But, 5.7 million people remain undiagnosed. If present trends continue, ONE IN THREE AMERICANS born today will develop diabetes in their lifetime—one in two if African American or Latino. In SAN ANTONIO, the prevalence of diabetes is TWICE THE NATIONAL AVERAGE – 14% of the community is living everyday with diabetes. Each year, diabetes kills nearly 30,000 people in the U.S. If diabetes is not properly managed, it can lead to amputations, kidney failure, blindness, heart disease, and stroke. HOWEVER, with a healthy lifestyle and the promotion of diabetes awareness, we can reverse these trends and prevent avoidable consequences of diabetes.

WHO? Not only will Diabetes Expo will be packed with fun activities, but it will also include interesting and enlightening speakers talking about diabetes prevention and management…


A legendary performer, Ben Vereen has starred as Chicken George in Roots and the title role in Louis Armstrong-Chicago Style. His session will focus on the importance of diabetes awareness and blood sugar control.


Dr. Trevino opened South Alamo Medical Group to provide patient care to a medically underserved area of San Antonio. He has also founded the Social & Health Center to study the climbing rates of type 2 diabetes in low-socioeconomic populations.


Got a need for speed? Charlie Kimball, a successful race car driver, is the only licensed driver with diabetes in the history of the Indy Racing league. He has partnered with Novo Nordisk, a global healthcare company dedicated to diabetes care, to raise awareness of the importance of managing diabetes.


Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

Exhibit Hall A

200 East Market St.

San Antonio, TX 78205


Saturday, June 26, 2010

9:00AM -2:00PM

HOW TO RSVP: For pre-show announcements and additional information, RSVP online at diabetes.org/exposanantonio

However, RSVP is NOT REQUIRED.  




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