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Latino Educational Program- San Antonio, TX

Latino Initiatives-Por tu familia Overview


Diabetes is an urgent health problem in the Hispanic/Latino community.  Their rates of diabetes are almost double those of non-Hispanic/Latino whites.  Getting information to the community about the seriousness of diabetes, its risk factors and those who may be at risk, and ways to help manage the disease is essential.

Many Hispanics/Latinos feel guilty spending time and money on personal health.  They feel selfish putting their own health care ahead of their family’s needs.  The opposite should be true.  The American Diabetes Association is here for their family, but we want to bring the message home that each person should take care of their diabetes or prevent themselves from developing it, for their family’s sake too.  Their family needs them to be healthy and feeling their best, so they can be there for those they love.  That is why the name for ADA’s Latino Initiatives health campaign is Por tu familia–or “for your family” in English.

San Antonio’s Por Tu Familia: Conferencia

The American Diabetes Association will host a Conferencia Educativa de Diabetes (Diabetes Educational Conference).  The conference will feature interactive bilingual seminars designed to teach concrete, culturally-appropriate healthy lifestyle choices.  Education will focus on the heath dangers associated with diabetes. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

8:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Location: TBA





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